Happy Mother’s Day

You have been the most precious pearl;
A beautiful soul and
the most fortunate blessing in my life.

The word MUMMA itself is an immense pleasure.
With that little extra care if yours,
that flowing possessiveness ,
a peace for life, has intruciated me to be YOU.

MUMMA, it’s not God, whose is going to cast the roles of my destiney,
Rather I owe the most of it to you.

A pure divine
Warmhearted; are not enough to even sketch a part of yours.

Your essence elates me MUMMA.
Your presence is a Paradise.

I am glad, privileged & honored to be the daughter of such a wonderful lady(#heroic).



Calm, Compose, Peace – A Perfect Life Indeed.

I was taught, I learned, I experienced.
A relief or an ultimate pleasure it gives.
Positivity indeed !
All that it takes is just a state of mind.
It’s in you. How yu perceive.
Evils and devils always running around ;
Take a stand and leave them on their grounds.
Life comes unpredictable.
Live it, Love it, Earn it or Yearn for it.
It’s all yours.
Use the F-word FAITH .
Hav the Power to sweep off the sinful feet.
Life is a blessing. Don’t curse it. Rather Praise it.

Life is a Role play.

Life is a roleplay.

The dream continues but you portrait with different characters every moment.
You acted as a stranger,
your entrance with tha pace, life deviated to another direction.
Things were not just same and evrything changed.
You enriched moments with your deeds;thereby I treasured them all.
Every laugh we shared dragged me to the fear of detaching from you.
It was the air of unusualness that made me act a lill stupidly.

Irrespective of all this,
You are still a counterpart.

In a nutshell,

Journey has to be unforgettable.

One among the Angels

‘A Warm Hearted Soul
             From Another Mother.’
With her pussy foot cooking up every moment to Euphoria.
She was beautified with the beauty of philanthropic frame of mind by subtracting hornswoggle & double talk from her cup of tea.
With the beat,
              ‘If you are sane,you have to be insane.’
On the top of it, her frenzy folly motion nonetheless is a bizarre.
Life is a race; either you win or you loose.
The bumpy rides of her breathe were always neighboring her ecstatic mind.

Till the hell freezes, she’ll stumble with ‘zip zap zeal’ of her life.
Knowing about the backwards & forwards,she is a Gift Of Gab – A blabber mouth indeed cracking the silence with her jibber jabber.

As a matter of fact,


A Triumph For Victory.

A day when I was honoured with my right stuff.

What it takes is just a piece of paper and few unfrequent utterance.

It gave me the hefty move yet.

With every Sunrise to Sunset,

the red lettered feeling was the light of the dawn.

*Make a hit*- I  delighted my parents

and pampering was my homecomming.

Calls for utterly butterly fumble which exibits unsophisticated infantile.

My every moment was second to none.


And soforth I say :

*To Feel The Feeling Of Feeling is So Pleasing.*   (:

Mother- An Earnest Elite

Mother – An Earnest Elite

*A pride so hidden.
The love never forbidden.*

*Feelings are inevitable,
Merges the sorrows with jubilation(happiness).*

*Benevolence warmth of love,
Utterly flavors the emotion of devotion.*

*A lill Craves for Affection
With no Intention to seek  Attention. *

*Loves all, Loved by All.*

A priceless gift with a pure heart garnishing the moments with the purity of intense nobleness.