The Prized Drive for Life.

One Such Life we are blessed with.

How being an infant we cry for little things and how being on matured enough we still cry for lill things.
The change is only the THINGS.
They were materialistic then and they are materialistic now.

Nonetheless, we just escape our memory of those ecstatic times and dig the past that leave us cold feet.

How we fail to understand Y.O.L.O
You Only Live Once.

This breathe is a Bliss &
This Life is never amiss.
The evils and devils will never leave the ground;
Just the purest soul will help you winning this crown.

Free up your liveliness
Make it awe-inspiring
Fascinate the essence of spirit
with immense Zest & Zeal.

Life is absolutely divine and honor to live. Invoke the happiness.
Enchant the Gladness.
Pronounce it Holy. Love the fact of mortality.

As it goes like..

Life comes unpredictable.
Live it, Love it, Earn it or Yearn for it.
It’s all yours.