Choose I

Endless talks, Babbling,Bitching has now become a never ending saga.
Life is about PEOPLE and revolves around them.
The EyeS shines for People.
The clock struck 12 and back with 12, making 24hours; still jabbering about People.
Did you realise Yourself in this whole buch of People ?
Where is I ?
Living with the dreams of others never completes you.
Just give a call for Self awakening,
there resides a world of *I,Me&Myslef*. 
An awe-inspiring corner to deal with.
Forget the rest and think for the best.
Get a zeal for “Being Me”.
Intrigue Yourself to the world coz neither flaura nor fauna is immortal, price Your Essence.
Define yourself and rule.
Life is to be lived once, lets not dump the days.
#Dream#Aspire#Inspire 😀



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