Happy Mother’s Day

You have been the most precious pearl;
A beautiful soul and
the most fortunate blessing in my life.

The word MUMMA itself is an immense pleasure.
With that little extra care if yours,
that flowing possessiveness ,
a peace for life, has intruciated me to be YOU.

MUMMA, it’s not God, whose is going to cast the roles of my destiney,
Rather I owe the most of it to you.

A pure divine
Warmhearted; are not enough to even sketch a part of yours.

Your essence elates me MUMMA.
Your presence is a Paradise.

I am glad, privileged & honored to be the daughter of such a wonderful lady(#heroic).



Calm, Compose, Peace – A Perfect Life Indeed.

I was taught, I learned, I experienced.
A relief or an ultimate pleasure it gives.
Positivity indeed !
All that it takes is just a state of mind.
It’s in you. How yu perceive.
Evils and devils always running around ;
Take a stand and leave them on their grounds.
Life comes unpredictable.
Live it, Love it, Earn it or Yearn for it.
It’s all yours.
Use the F-word FAITH .
Hav the Power to sweep off the sinful feet.
Life is a blessing. Don’t curse it. Rather Praise it.