A Blessed Friend.

‘A Warmhearted Soul from another mother’
with her pussy foot cooking up every moment to Euphoria.
She was beautified with th beauty of philantrophic frame of mind by subtracting hornswoggle &
double talk from her cup of tea.
With the beat –
‘If yu ar Sane, yu have to b Insane’;
on th top f it her Frenzy-Folly motion nontheless is a Bizzare.

Life is a race-either yu win or yu loose. The Bumpy Rides of breathe were always neighbouring her ecstatic mind.
Till the Hell Freezes she’l stumble with Zip Zap Zeal of her life.
Knowing about the Backwards and Forwards she is a Gift Of Gab – A Blabber Mouth indeed cracking th silence wit her Jibber Jabber.
With the end f her teen
she is lyk “Ooh Man! M so Tired(unbeatable)..” then what would b th case in Future ?? 😀

As a matter of Fact,
she’s a Solitaire until the world ends.


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