Shy Away from Blue.

Its said :
“You are not a Looser, just your victory is postponed.”
One cals it to be the ill fortune of her life as the gifted defeat z nt th cherry on th cake.
And there goes a mishap.
Emotion ozzes th water
Confidence reaching th ground
A sudden break through inside.
She starts being isolated.
Defines herself with the loneliness.
There she goes with a statement – “Nothing was meant to be this way”
Being twitchy, spooked, hyper ; just start being on pins n needles.
She casted about Few hands snapping her out of it fo her inner soothe.
All she urged for
A chirpy liveliness;
Contended Joy and a walk on the air.
Miles away deserted th ecstasy, now renounces with a relishing breathe. (:
When widely spaced, she is ready to sweep through the gold.
Her self realisation was excelling just like a flawless dish for th king.
“Nothing could have been better then this.”


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