19 belonging years to Life

Worth one’s weight in gold is how I have bestowed(spent) just 19 years from lifespan..
On havin a limelight,it goes like..
Of all th 100’s and 1000’s f sperms I was prized with my angelic mothers womb.
On been nourished richly fo 9 months,
the tiny wee eyes were bought to the gleams of love affectn n care.
The lill fingers crawled n rolled in the Supreme hands- My Papa.

There came the phase of school life which turned out to be a bliss, coached the lessons for humaN behavior – cheerful dejected , lust, aversions !
The finestΒ  pearls -friends
acted as the counterpart and few were always in th hatred list.
Soon entered to th age f teen which was endowed with soft corners (wink – wink) also included sharing, caring & betraying adding on the dealings with th unreal world.
Few chums became th humdum and few gave th devil appearance.
The good bye gift from th school was
The Dream for colg (Dh. Ah) which gave the wings to fly and hopes to reach the cloud 9 πŸ™‚
The castle was in th air with the admissions nevertheless th tuck on with 2 more pearls was an honour. The addition n subraction f species wil be lways on..

In these 19 yrs I was always headed with high spirits and hopes.
The light will always b till th end f th tunnel with th thirst f splendid essence fo eternity.
Indeed my life is a boon. ! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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