Teen’s in Twenty’s

With each fleeting moment, She lasted the memory forever. 
Her mammoth wondering for the world she has around her ,

hyped up the immense love she thought was nurtured by all. 

Bare none, relations in her life,

She budded like an innocent juvenile. 

The lifts & thrifts in her 20’s,

Gave her the reality check on all the social affairs in her life. 

To the ones so close shredded a rosy picture,

And the aparts gave her the degree of deeds to deal for her lifetime. 
Momentarily, she set the light for camera’in her eye to all the ebb’s & flow’s, which would never drain her like a shallow bowl. 
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The Prized Drive for Life.

One Such Life we are blessed with.

How being an infant we cry for little things and how being on matured enough we still cry for lill things.
The change is only the THINGS.
They were materialistic then and they are materialistic now.

Nonetheless, we just escape our memory of those ecstatic times and dig the past that leave us cold feet.

How we fail to understand Y.O.L.O
You Only Live Once.

This breathe is a Bliss &
This Life is never amiss.
The evils and devils will never leave the ground;
Just the purest soul will help you winning this crown.

Free up your liveliness
Make it awe-inspiring
Fascinate the essence of spirit
with immense Zest & Zeal.

Life is absolutely divine and honor to live. Invoke the happiness.
Enchant the Gladness.
Pronounce it Holy. Love the fact of mortality.

As it goes like..

Life comes unpredictable.
Live it, Love it, Earn it or Yearn for it.
It’s all yours.


Y. O. L. O.

You Only Live Once.

The caption itself defines enough.
One life, let’s live the best and leave the rest.
Somehow,the rest have to be shaped
But how ? That is through our Present.
Your present cast the dice for your future.
Stand tall, throw it and just earn &yearn for NUMBER 1.
Worth your liveliness.
Not everything comes as gifted as Life. Nurture it well.
Let your inner voice beat, dance on the tune of it & you will be the performer of your life.

Get Crazzy; Grin your nails; cherrish the highs; learn from the lows
This is how life flows.

Let your LIVING be LIVE.

Choose I

Endless talks, Babbling,Bitching has now become a never ending saga.
Life is about PEOPLE and revolves around them.
The EyeS shines for People.
The clock struck 12 and back with 12, making 24hours; still jabbering about People.
Did you realise Yourself in this whole buch of People ?
Where is I ?
Living with the dreams of others never completes you.
Just give a call for Self awakening,
there resides a world of *I,Me&Myslef*. 
An awe-inspiring corner to deal with.
Forget the rest and think for the best.
Get a zeal for “Being Me”.
Intrigue Yourself to the world coz neither flaura nor fauna is immortal, price Your Essence.
Define yourself and rule.
Life is to be lived once, lets not dump the days.
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Happy Father’s Day:)

Papa, mere Papa…
Head of the family kehte hai inhe.
Jitne kathor lagte hai ye,utne hi narm swabhav k hai ye.
Na jane kab ghutno k bal rengte rengte chalna sikha dete hai ye
Har pareshani ka datt kar samna karna sikhate hai ye.
Bache k dard pe inka jee machal uthta hai,
Kyun na koi inka bhi dard samaj sakta hai ?
Kitni bhi muskile aaye,apne parivaar ka sath na chodte ye
Din raat mehnat kar apne bacho ko dil se lagate ye.
Vo pehle ye hote, jo apni beti ki bidaai par aasu bahate,
Aur vo akhir tak ye hi hote hai jo
apne bete k liye jee-jaan laga dete hai.
Apne liye toh inhone kutch chaha nahi,
Vo toh bas maa k Pyaar aur bacho k sahare se hosla bad paya hai.
Dil par naa lete ye, aai gai karte ye.
Apne parivaar ki khushiyon me hi apni duniya basa lete ye.
Bas. Aise se hi. Papa h mere vo. (:
*sukh se ye na vanchit ho kabhi
dukh na inka saya bane,
Ardaas itni si hai k
Khushiyon se hi din inka mehekta rahe. *

Let’s face it !

None of us is served the endurance, as perfect to the king’s dish.
Who’s to cry ? Who’s to smile ?
To the mere fact,
be the ray of sunshine not for a while but for the life.
Who’s to win ? Who’s to loose ?
It’s a wheel of fortune, let it roll it’s way.

Sense the train of thoughts. Don’t rush. You anyways won’t escape it.

Have the pace. Intuit the peace.
A zero hour of grief will worth the another hours for the day.

Heart the moments purely.
Love life willy-nilly.
It’s all yours. Grab the most then make it post.

Let your living be LIVE. (: